Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I wash my lashes?

You should be washing your lash extensions every day in order to prevent itching and irritation.

Cleaning will also help your lashes last longer and stay pretty!

What should I do before my lash appointment ?

Remove contacts and all make up (this includes concealer and foundation).

Dress comfy and fill out the intake form found in your confirmation email.

Can I get a facial and lashes at the same time?


Just visit the booking site here and navigate to the facial folder.

Select which facial you'd like then add on the lash set you would like as well.

What should I do before my wax or facial?

Gentle exfoliate the area requesting to be waxed and or your face -- 3 days prior to service.

For waxing -- make sure the hair in this area is the size of a grain of rice or sprinkle.

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