Our Spa's Mission & Vision

Our vision is to efficiently advocate for top tier self care for the booked entrepreneur, busy mom, and corporate baddie.

At Desire Beauty Studios, our mission is to help the multifaceted woman find her perfect self care day by providing therapeutic spa services. We aim to equip women with the tools to live softer lives.

Meet our SHE-EO

Desiree' is a SC Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Esthetics Instructor, Speaker, Author, Lash Supplier, and Wife that holds over 10+ Certifications in the Esthetics industry.

Her love for Esthetics started young as she was obsessed with popping pimples, doing make up, and showing people how she achieved her glowing, glass skin.

Desiree' is affectionately known as Lash Gurl Des and specializes in all types of lash enhancements such as Lash Lifts, Eyelash Extensions, Lash Tint and more.

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