Mentorship + Lash Gurl Des

Mentorship is not one size fits all and having a mentor that knows this means you're already winning. If you're having a trouble growing or scaling your business to hit your goals... you need me in your corner!

Mentorship FAQs

Is your mentorship for me?

Mentorship is something that many want but most cannot follow through with due to all of the work and changes that may need to be made.

If you're ready for someone to hold you accountable and help bring your ideas to life. l am your GURL.

If you are able to take constructive criticism and want to be the best person you can be... KEEP reading.

I thank you for considering me -- it is truly an honor.

What is included in this mentorship?

In 12 weeks, you are guaranteed (with you putting in the work) to have a fully functional back office if starting from scratch AND OR a full 6 figure business strategy if you are opening to pivoting.

A few topics we cover are:

  • 6 figure mindset
  • Setting Up Business Correctly for South Carolina (If you're in another state it will be the same steps, however different state requirements)
  • Developing Marketing Plan
  • 6 figure business strategy
  • Content Shooting/Editing
  • Setting up Booking Link
  • Setting up Payment Processor
  • Setting up IG and Facebook Pages
  • Setting up Email Marketing
  • Setting up Text Marketing
  • Business Organization and Systems
  • Self Motivation Tips
  • Weekly Phone Calls
  • Content Creation and Content Strategy
  • Hiring a loyal team
  • How to do a Consultation
  • Starting a product line
  • Shopify + free Shopify credit
  • Business Capital
  • Scaling your Business
  • Brand Execution
  • Content Pillars
  • Finding your Niche

And anything else YOU would like to cover 🤍

Do I get a refund if I do not get results?

We do not offer refunds as this is a guided mentorship program.

Before purchasing, you will need to have full understanding that YOU will have to build your back office and put in the work with information provided.

How do I book my calls/etc?

Once you have went through with your payment and choosing your program... you will receive Welcome call.

During this call, you will receive all contact information/schedule regarding your mentorship.