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Happy clients, HAPPY TECH 🤍 Share the BEST retention with your clients by upgrading their lash experience with this retention hack!

Created to: 

- Coat and protect the lash adhesive bond from water, oil, high humidity, dust, and most ingredients that break down lash adhesive

- Extend the life of adhesive which in turn helps retain lash retention and prevent pre mature shedding 

- Use to create spikes for your bomb wispy lash sets 

How to Use: 

- After applying your baddie bonder for maximum retention, dry for 2-3 minutes 

- Use a micro fiber wands and drop 1-2 drops to saturate the wand tip

- Apply the sealant to the base of the lash extensions, where the lash glue sits 

- Use a baddie lash fan to COMPLETELY dry the bonder before the client opens their eyes 

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