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A solid prep gives a solid lash set, duh! Clean lashes = amazing retention 😎

Refresh your client's lashes with our highly effective primer that strips away stubborn build up on the natural lashes and lash extensions. 

Created to:

- Give you a "magnetic" attraction to your lash adhesive ensuring a solid bond between the natural lash and extention

- Get rid of stubborn mascara or make up left on the natural lashes

- Removes oil, proteins, make up and any thing left on the natural lashes  

How to use: 

- While your client is taped down, shake well and use 2 microfiber wands

- Saturate your microfiber wands with 1-2 drops then dab excess onto a paper towel

- Utilize one wand under the lashes and the other on top, use a swiping up motion to swipe primer up the natural lashes 


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