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The baddest bonder on the planet 😏 increase your retention with this best selling lash baddie product  

Created to: 

- Seal adhesive instantly, ensuring no strong fumes causing irritation to your client's eyes

- Will work best with our NU ERA LASH ADHESIVE however will work with any lash adhesive 

- Speed up the adhesive dry time after the completion of a full set or lash fill 

- Seal the adhesive bond between the natural lashes and lash extensions for maximum retention 

How to Use: 

- Wait 2 minutes after completion of full set

- Use a micro fiber wand and drop 1-2 drops to saturate the wand tip

- Apply bonder to the base of the lash extensions, where the lash glue sits 

- Use a baddie lash fan to COMPLETELY dry the bonder before the client opens their eyes 

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